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Official VW Maintenance Schedule

Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule

Want to get the most out of your vehicle? It's crucial that you keep up with Volkswagen's recommended maintenance schedule. But maintenance schedules may vary depending on driving frequency and mileage. For most people, simply following a maintenance schedule based on mileage is the easiest method. If you are a frequent driver, Volkswagen Parts Warehouse recommends that you follow a mileage based schedule. However, if your vehicle spends a lot of time sitting or parked, you still need to bring your VW in for maintenance. Over time, fluids can degrade and harm your vehicle. If your Volkswagen seldom see's the road, its especially important to stay on top of maintenance. Staying on a rigorous maintenance schedule can help to eliminate issues associated with lack of service including but not limited to: reduced fuel efficiency, mechanical failure, poor handling, and unnecessary wear and tear. Keep your pride and joy running smooth by checking out the official Volkswagen maintenance schedules provided by Volkswagen Parts Warehouse.  Keep in mind: this is a general guide that provides a broad scope of information and applies to most newer Volkswagen models, please check your owners manual for more details.     

Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule
Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Interval: Every 10k Miles

After your first 10,000 miles of cruising, you'll need to start thinking about taking care of important maintenance tasks. Follow the links for more specific information on each inspection or service. Each time you cross 10,000 miles, the following services are needed:

  • Tire rotation - Importance of Tire Rotations
  • Oil change  - 4 Benefits of changing your Oil
  • Oil filter change - DIY Oil Change
  • Brake pad inspection
  • Airbag system inspection

Maintenance Interval: 60k

As you approach the 20,000, 60,000, and 100,000 milestones, or one year after last service (whichever occurs first), Volkswagen recommends you complete the following:

  • AdBlue Fluid: Check and add if necessary (if applicable)
  • Ari filter element and snow sieve: Replace element and clean screen and housing (if applicable)
  • Battery: Check (and second battery if applicable)
  • Brakes: Inspect brake system and shock absorber for leaks and damage, check thickness of brake pads, brake disk condition front and rear. Look for contact pattern and corrosion of brake disks, and check brake fluid level subject to abrasion.
  • Engine: Change oil and replace oil filter 
  • Fuel filter: Replace (TDI engines only)
  • Hybrid components: Perform a visual inspection of high voltage components and the lines in the engine compartment and rear of the vehicle for damage 
  • Service interval display: Reset
  • Spark plugs: Replace (3.6L gasoline engines only)
  • Sunroof: Open sunroof and check front water drains and clean if necessary (Touareg only)
  • Tires: Check tread depth, condition, wear pattern, and pressure of all tires (including spare)
  • Windshield washer, headlight cleaning system, and wiper blades: Check for damage and function. Check fluid level and add if necessary. 

Maintenance Interval: 40k, 80k, and 120k

Reaching the 40,000, 80,000, and 120,000 milestones means performing the following:


  • Battery
  • Brakes
  • Coolant
  • CV joints
  • Electrical components
  • Engine
  • Exhaust 
  • Tires
  • Underbody sealant


  • Fuel filter
  • Dust and pollen filter
  • DSG transmission fluid and filter