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4 Reasons to Change Your Oil

4 Reasons to Change your Oil
4 Reasons to Change your Oil

1.) Engine Lubrication

Your vehicle contains thousands of complex moving parts, many of which require lubrication. All of these moving pieces produce heat, ALOT of it. But this is normal, as engine heat is required in order to keep your vehicle running smooth. Proper lubrication can help to prevent the engine from overheating, and save you thousands in repair costs. A properly lubricated engine serves to reduce friction between moving parts, and thus reducing heat. Oil plays a key role in keeping your engine running at the optimal temperature, always make sure you're adequately lubricated!

2.) Improved Gas Mileage

An inadequately lubricated engine will almost certainly lead to decreased fuel efficiency. This is because a poorly lubricated engine creates more friction, this means that all the moving pieces must work harder (burn more fuel) to move. 

3.) Removes Particles and Sludge

Over time, dirt and other particles can build up in your engine. These particles cause additional wear and tear on engine components, decreasing the overall lifespan of the engine. Engine oil is only made to last for about 10,000 miles and will eventually break down into "sludge". Engine sludge prevents lubrication of the engine. 

4.) Vehicle Longevity 

When an engine is properly lubricated, components glide seamlessly, performing their dedicated functions at the highest level of efficiency. With a fresh oil change comes reduced friction and engine heat, which means the engine is not working as hard. This in turn reduces wear and tear, promoting the overall longevity of your engine.